The Search for Colonel Mustard

The new album, The Search for Colonel Mustard!

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  1. The Search for Colonel Mustard (part 1)
  2. The Awkward Song
  3. Sexy Anarchist Boy
  4. Basketcase(ness)
  5. Nevada
  6. (You Have So Much Fun) In My Head
  7. The Search for Colonel Mustard (part 2)
  8. Cornfields, Cornfields!
  9. I Wanna Destroy You
  10. Piece Of Ass
  11. Dreamail
  12. Samurai (slow version)

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maybe maybe maybe baby, c.o.b.'s debut album

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  1. Where The Fuck Are They? - (3.0 mb)
  2. The Kiss Song
  3. Modern Art Gallery - (3.3 mb)
  4. Biological Romance
  5. I Like Cheese - (689 b)
  6. Sally
  7. It Never Felt So Right
  8. Stepping Out Of Ketosis - (3.9 mb)
  9. Shakin Hands
  10. Structure of a Crush - (1.2 mb)
  11. How Long Have You Been Haitian?
  12. (You're Just a) Gucci Model
  13. Deconstructionist Romance

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